Sunday, July 29, 2012

Cast resin Dry type Transformers,GEAFOL

GEAFOL Cast-resin Dry-type Transformers

1- LV terminals 2-HV terminals 3-Cross-flow fans 
4-Three-leg core 5-Resilient spacers 6-HV winding 7-LV winding 
8-Insulation: Mixture of epoxy resin
and quartz powder 9-Clamping frame and truck

Flammability test of cast-resin transformer

Transformer with plug-type cable connections

Transformer in protective housing

Dry-type converter transformer.

These are special oil-immersed or cast resin power transformers that are designed for the special demands of thyristor converter or diode rectifier operation. The effects of such conversion equipment
on transformers and additional construction
requirements are as follows: 
  •  Increased load by harmonic currents
  • Balancing of phase currents in multiple winding systems (e.g. 12-pulse systems)
  • Overload factor up to 2.5
  • Types for 12-pulse systems, if required.

Dry-type converter transformer

Dry-type 2500 kVA, 11 000/440 V transformer with cast resin encapsulation
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