Monday, July 2, 2012

Potheads & Stress Cone Leads - Styles

Style 1 :Stress cones are built inside the pothead and jumper cable is welded to the original phase leads inside the pothead.
This style pothead has jumper cables welded (spliced) to the cable phases inside the pothead. The stress cones are built inside the pothead. The jumper cable phase leads are extended out of the pothead to the length requested by the customer. Information to identify the mine plus cable footage is molded into the pothead to help the customer.
Used for 8KV and 5KV applications.

This pothead has just been built. It is being inspected to make sure it meets all of our quality control requirements.

The jumper cable has been welded and stress cones have been formed. The pothead is being built. 

On the left, the pothead termination has been finished. Also, a kellems grip has been installed. It will be permanently vulcanized. Then the termination end will be complete per the customer's requirements. 


Style 2 : Stress cones are built inside the pothead using original phase leads.
 This style pothead has the stress cones built inside the pothead. The original phase leads are used.
Used for 8KV and 5KV applications.
Another pothead using longer original leads.

This is a sealed end pothead that uses original phase leads. The customer wanted the leads to be taped for a little added abrasion protection. Leads can be made to any length per the customer's request.


Style 3 : Molded stress cone leads are built on the original phases
 This style utilizes original leads. Stress cones are built on the original phase leads.
Used for 25KV applications.
These phase leads are being prepared to build the stress cone
 This picture shows a perfect stress cone being built. The leads are molded and vulcanized. Posi-pins or lugs are installed on lead ends according to the customer needs and requirements.
This is a completed 25 KV termination with pothead and stress cone leads.
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