Saturday, November 24, 2012

Steam turbine for GTL (Gas To Liquid) plant

Stands for Gas To Liquid, GTL and refers to the liquid fuel made ​​from natural gas. In the GTL plant will be built in the vicinity of natural gas wellheads.

GTL process directly to the liquid fuel to replace natural gas in recent years has been the focus of worldwide attention. High output exceeding 70MW steam turbine is required to drive the compressor which is used in the process, the flow rate of the low-pressure part that exceeds 500T / H.

To respond to this request by our company, succeeded in the development of cascade low-pressure working on the development of cascade low pressure and high load variable speed, using the aerodynamic design of the latest techniques, strength analysis, able to withstand 900T / H flow low pressure was.

Along with the verification of seismic intensity with rotational vibration test, the column was developed wings, and verified that there is no problem on the strength performance tests actual load to produce a 1/4 scale model turbine. Future, I will go in order to apply to large-scale GTL plant to cascade these latest.

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