Monday, November 4, 2013

Motor Overhaul Example(Compressor Case)

By " hear a strange noise from the compressor " and " machine is an emergency stop are using " and from the customer , there was a repair request this time .We introduce in twice the contents of the repair .
Place immediately , I was allowed to inspect the machine Shi to ask your company

Noise from the compressor body near the bearing
I had an emergency stop at motor overcurrent ( body bearing bad motor insulation failure )
I can confirm the bug or more .Result that I was allowed to hearing from you , after 10 years to purchase , for 30,000 hours operating time operating time also it was over , I was allowed to carry out all Maintenance Overhaul of compressor .

It has also developed body of auxiliary equipment and consumables replacement , but it will introduce the development of motor and screw parts of the compressor mainly .

Compressor motor body removal
Motor removal

Motor removal
Motor decomposition

Motor decomposition
Insulation dust collect in motor coil

Dirt or dust is adhered in large numbers to the motor coil
Poor insulation insulation measurement 0MΩ

The insulation failure due to adhesion of dust and motor coil insulation measurement 0MΩ garbage
The failure by a motor bearing aging

The failure by a motor bearing aging
Pre- Clean the dust by steam cleaning motor after decomposition

Pre- Clean the dust by steam cleaning motor after decomposition

The dried rely on warm air in the jet heater motor coil

Insulation well in 1000MΩ or more at insulation measurement

Motor bearing old and new

Is attached to the rotor shaft of the motor bearings new
Compressor body motor bearings after replacing the compressor from the body by commissioning checkNo abnormal noise .In addition , insulation was also recovered 1000MΩ over by an over- current of the motor is also the normal value , the motor was also internal washing .
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