Saturday, September 28, 2013

100kw - 50mw Hydro Francis turbine generator

100kw - 50mw Hydro Francis turbine generator

Quick Details

water head: 15 m-400 m

Power: 100kw-50mw

Runner diameter: 0,35-4.0 m

We mainly hydraulic turbines, mini-hydro turbine system, Kaplan turbine, propeller turbine, Francis turbine and Pelton turbine, Turgon, etc. as the source of the turbine speed governors, generators, valves, excitation system and other accessories.

Species in both vertical and horizontal Francis turbines and 15 m of water intended for the beginning of the 400 m. . This property in a radial direction into the flow of water enters the runner, is gradually shifting, and then passes axially. Francis turbine is characterized by reliable operation, simple construction and high efficiency, etc.

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