Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Repair of electric city transport

Most often, electric urban transport are traction and support . This is because these types motors are widely used is in the transport industry.
A wide variety of options and models of traction and auxiliary engines for different types of transport, makes repairs traction motors - an interesting and challenging enough for experts. Our masters are not afraid of challenges - they are a force to repair the traction motors of urban transport of any complexity. The specialists of our company at the highest level of quality collector carry out repair of electric motors, the rotor of the motor repair , repair of motor windings and other engine modifications produced on the territory of the Russian Federation and abroad. In addition to repairs , we can provide our clients and this service as fast commutator motors .

Among the reasons for the vehicle of a particular model is faulty great multitude, so repair and traction motors and engines of other models can be very, very different , both in complexity and execution time , and on the need for special equipment and optional accessories or parts . What would have been the cause of the engine malfunction of your car, our specialists will make such work as the repair of electric motors and traction collector , repair of the rotor of the motor , repair of electric motors and windings of the other elements , as well as fast commutator motors , as soon as possible , with providing an excellent quality of work done . At all stages of cooperation, we try to provide the best conditions for our customers. We respect our customers and do not spend their time in vain , because in modern life being appreciated very much. We save our clients' time , and , therefore, does not help to lose the financial benefit from the use of the vehicle. It is therefore, urgent repair of traction motors and engines other variations in our company - one of the priorities .

Efficiency in the work of our specialists - the result of a responsible approach to any process with all the necessary parts and equipment used in processes such as the repair of electric motors and traction collector , repair of motor rotor , and other items , including repair of motor windings and rewind commutator motors . In the warehouses of our company in the constant presence of a large number of spare parts and accessories for all types of repairs . All components and parts used in our work, only from trusted manufacturers with an excellent reputation and popularity among professionals. 


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