Saturday, March 1, 2014

Power System Protection Course


Aims of this Course:

1.      To promote understanding of the principles, operating techniques and setting procedures (primary and secondary test methods) of power system protection schemes.
2.      To interpret protection fault indications and determine corrective actions.
3.      To provide information and instruction in safe operating procedures in platform electrical protection systems, including elements of maintenance of HV and LV protection relays.

Designed for:

Personnel from electrical background required to operate/maintain/understand power system protection schemes.


On completion of the course participants should
1.      Understand the role of electrical protection of Power Systems
2.      Be able to determine the protection settings of selected relays.
3.      Display competence in:-
·                Primary and secondary testing of selected relays.
·                Interpretation of protection fault indications and determination of the corrective action.
·                Identification of suitability of selected protection relays for specific purposes.

A large proportion of the course will be practical and attendees should bring coveralls and safety footwear and glasses.

Course content will include:-
·         Identification of switchgear wiring
·         Current and Voltage transformers
·         Fuses in protective systems
·         Protection discrimination
·         Fault levels and system impedances
·         Protection of motors, generators and transformers
·         System protection
·         Practical testing

General Course Content


1.      Role of Protection
2.      Protection Principles
3.      Discrimination
4.      Faults and Fault Levels
5.      Overview of Protection Components
Current and Voltage Transformers
6.      Overview of Protection Testing

Faults and Fault Levels

1.      Fault Level Calculations
2.      Consequences of a Fault Condition
3.      Arcing and its prevention
4.      Limiting the Effects of Faults

Principles of Discrimination

1.      Discrimination by Current
2.      Discrimination by Time
3.      I.D.M.T. Overcurrent Relays
4.      Examination of Protection Schemes
5.      Practical Exercises -


1.      Use of Current and Voltage Transformers
2.      Practical Exercises -
         Mag Curves
         Polarity Checks
         Ratio Checks


1.      Electro-mechanical
2.      Static/Electronic
3.      Microprocessor
4.      Practical examination of types

Earth Fault and Earth Leakage Protection

1.      System Earthing
2.      Earth Fault Detection
3.      Restricted Earth Fault
4.      E & EIT Relays
5.      EIT Relays with Overcurrent

Differential Protection

1.      Circulating Current method
2.      Balanced Voltage method

Generator Protection

1.      General Principles
2.      Types of relays
3.      Practical Exercises

Transformer Protection

1.      General Principles
2.      Types of relays
3.      Practical Exercises

Motor Protection

1.      LV - Overcurrent and Earth Fault - Thermal and CT devices
2.      HV - Overcurrent, Earth Fault and Negative Phase Sequence
3.      Practical Exercises - Motor Protection Relays

Contents of Manual

Section 1
Section 2
Section 3
Section 4
Faults and Fault Levels
Section 5
Principles of Discrimination
Section 6
Earth Faults and Earth Leakage Protection
Section 7
Generator Protection                        
Section 8
Transformer Protection
Section 9
Differential Protection
Section 10
Motor Protection
Section 11

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