Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Power Transformer

     Power transformer enclosure is not charged, so the use of floor layout, installed in a dual-beam shaped reinforced concrete foundation on paved tracks,

Gauge wheel hub center equal to the transformer. In order to prevent accidents expand fuel Diaspora makes transformer accident, a single tank

Oil over 1000 kilograms or more transformers, according to the fire safety requirements, the following settings in the device or block the oil reservoir tank wall, its size should be less than

Large outline device 1m, and laying in the pool is not less than the thickness of 0.25m gravel layer.

     From the main transformer and the building should not be less than 1.25m, and 5m away from the building within the transformer, the total height of the transformer

And outer sides of the profile within the following ranges for each 3m, there should be no doors, windows and vents. When the transformer oil more than 2500kg, two variants
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