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Sulfuric Acid Safety

Sulfuric acid is strongly corrosive, it will severely damage the human body. Therefore, careful attention must be paid to the handling. In addition, injuries and respiratory by gas such as sulfuric acid facilities SO2 and SO3, there is also a danger of burns due to contact with high temperature equipment such as a furnace and converter. And these of prevention, we will discuss measures at the time of injury.

Sulfuric acid
1. Legal regulations
Fire Service Act: The sulfuric acid and oleum, but selfishness, there was strict regulations as a risk of the Fire Service Act, since 1990 I became a "non-hazardous material." However, sulfuric acid at a concentration of more than 60% has become necessary to report to the local fire department as a "firefighting inhibitor". For such specific filings, please contact your local fire department.
Poisonous and Deleterious Substances Control Law: Sulfuric acid in excess of 10 percent concentration will be crackdown target of this law as a deleterious substance. Manufacturing, which tries to import you must issue a registration application to the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare through the prefectural governor. That tries to sell you registration application to the prefectural governor. Manufacture, storage, sale, there are regulations for transportation and disposal. Especially if are planning the construction of a sulfuric acid plant, it must be a satisfying design the regulation of manufacturing plants and storage plants.
Other than, Specific chemical substances such as disability prevention rule Petrochemical complex, etc. Disaster Prevention Law Let's keep in mind also to such.
2. Equipment Precautions
Guests can prevent in the protective equipment, than the measures from happening accident, it is important prevention of accidents is the best. In this sense, drying tower, absorption tower, acid coolers, acid piping, devices that handle approximately sulfuric acid such as貯酸tank let's always prepared to be "corrosion to leave a hole." In the sense of prevention of accidents, 1) can be as long as 2 to adopt a highly corrosion-resistant material (such as Teflon)) In the case of metal material, regularly conduct the wall thickness measurement and internal inspection, 3 know the amount of corrosion) it is also happening leakage accident dikes so that it does not lead to human accident, protection wall, 4 it should be installed, such as double tube) acid facilities are separated as much as possible from such passage, but unavoidable time by a notice that it is a "danger" The ceiling to put 5) that travel on foot at risk, migratory floor is provided, it should be in so as not to climb directly to the ceiling board
3. When working Note
Sulfuric acid is a strong acid, causing Gekijin of chemical injury on contact with the skin for dehydration action is strong. Therefore, at the time of handling of sulfuric acid, you must use the appropriate safety protective equipment.
Protection as the protection of the face shield ... eyes (in a normal protective glasses alone, is not allowed because there is a risk of sulfuric acid from entering from the gap) Protection of protection made of vinyl raincoat ... body of rubber gloves ... hand
During maintenance work to deal with sulfuric acid, in advance Always place immediately water hose beside, it is essential to work while flowing water at all times. When the sulfuric acid even took the body a little, as soon as possible, be washed with a large amount of water is required. In addition, during maintenance work on, such as tanks and pipes of sulfuric acid, there is a need to start working with even assuming "here still filled with sulfuric acid" even after internal to the sky. Often, the was a "going was in the sky" is, it may cause a slightly remaining serious accident for sulfuric acid.
In addition, containing a metal tanks and pipes of sulfuric acid may hydrogen gas produced by the corrosion are accumulated, This may cause an explosion. In the accident at I heard India, in an attempt to cut the lid with a gas burner and try to open the tank during the stop, hydrogen explosion will occur, there are cases that died four people. Hydrogen is lighter, so we accumulated in the top of the container, and from to open the upper part by a means that does not use the fire, let's habit is to begin working with the fire after you ventilate the interior by ventilation, if possible.
4. Safety equipment
First of measures against burns of sulfuric acid, it is to "wash with water." In this sense, in the sulfuric acid plant, tower, acid cooler, such as acid piping, in the high places of the possibility of contact with the sulfuric acid, is required to be installed eye washer, the body washer. They are, as it is not to be obstructive to not come out of water in case of emergency, let's get in the habit of flowing water to determine the daily time. Also, in addition to these, let's provided here and there the nozzle out of the water and I open the manual valve. This is, at the same time as the meaning of safety, also required at the time of maintenance work to deal with sulfuric acid.
To measures of when the leakage of sulfuric acid occurs, let's standing dry sand and slaked lime. Especially sand, if caused to absorb the sulfuric acid prior to watering to the leaking sulfuric acid, is useful because you reduce the amount of sulfuric acid flowing into the drainage.
5. Injury time measures
I've described above, first of measures against burns of sulfuric acid, is to "wash as soon as possible water". And to wash away the sulfuric acid from the skin, there is a sense that the cooling because it burns. Since sulfuric acid has a strong dehydrating action, and has remained even slightly, leaving a trail of serious burns to the skin and eventually concentrated. In this sense, it is essential that washing with water quickly even one minute one second. After sufficient washing with water, ask them to allowance and let diagnosis your doctor. If possible, let's examine a doctor with experience in medicine flaw in advance.
 Sulfur 1. Legal regulations
Fire Service Act: Sulfur is a hazardous material second class on the Fire Service Act. Since the specified quantity is 100kg, it must be carried out in the facility as defined in the Fire Service Act when the amount of sulfur and storage, transportation, and handling of more than this. Also, then you need to place the workers with a qualification of "hazardous materials handlers" (Class A or Class B second class) in the operation site, you must have posted as stipulated in other laws and regulations. For installation standards and other sulfur tank, Dangerous Goods Administration Study Group Author, Tokyo Fire Department supervision "Fast Facts illustration hazardous materials facility standards" It is the best. Amazon, you can net purchase at Kinokuniya other.
2. Equipment Precautions
Sulfur, and ignition easy, occurs toxic SO2 gas by combustion. In addition, since it has been kept to 130 ~ 150 ℃ in steam in order to keep the molten state, let's attention to the burn.
Storage tank and pump, with regard to the structure of the pipe or the like, " new facilities -3 Please see others "sulfur tank" of ". Sulfur, allow it to easily solidified at room temperature, it is what it is less likely to result in a safety problem even if leaked. However, since it easily ignited, always Keep away from ignition source, it is important to try to extinguish quickly if you have any chance ignition. In the case of fire in the sulfur tank, you will first blowing steam. If still no signs of fire fighting, it will inject the water. Usually, since it has ignited in sulfur internal tank walls and ceiling, until the occurrence of SO2 comes to a complete stop and let's continue the fire fighting.
3. When working Note
Molten sulfur to hydrogen sulfide odor, but usually it is not at the required level of gas mask. However, hydrogen sulfide, because the concentration is no longer felt to be high and the contrary sense of smell, is dangerous. In around the sulfur tank, let's implement the measurement of hydrogen sulfide concentration as necessary. This measurement, because the method is simple and quick by the detection tube, pump of the detector tube and measurement, let's standing in the field. As detector tube manufacturers Komyorikagakukogyo Co., Ltd. Co., Ltd. Gas Tech And so on.
Small amount of molten sulfur is also attached to the skin, abuses there is no other than the faint of skin to worry about cause burns, because it is dangerous to incur a large amount, wear protective goggles and gloves (leather is desirable) at a position other than the helmet , let's so as not to expose the skin. In addition, drained from the tank and piping was carried enough, under the attitude that "if either is filled to happens if had been" even after you disconnect, work to face and hands, and be careful on the position of the body Let's place.
4. Injury time measures
Poisoning of hydrogen sulfide, because there is a danger of life, to move the injured person to a well-ventilated place, let's subjected to examination of as soon as the doctor can. In the case of burns, as well as the general of the burn, it is important to "as soon as possible cool". This is enough even in water.
Gas 1. Danger and discovery
In the sulfuric acid plant, which flows through the containing harmful components gas facilities such as SO2 and SO3, and aspiration of these components by leakage accident and and respiratory failure, sometimes leading to severe cases suffocation death. If you have the generation of gas leak accident in equipment operation, but SO3 in the gas as long as it is a converter or later leakage source of discovery and it causes the white smoke of concentrated sulfuric acid reacts with H2O in the air it is easy, in front of the boiler and sulfur combustion furnace around than it is SO2 only, discovery of the leakage point is difficult. For this purpose, it is recommended that you standing ammonia water. When you soak the ammonia water in rags will close in the vicinity of the location where leakage is suspected, if there is a leakage, it causes the white smoke of sulfite Ammon by the reaction of SO2 and NH3 in the gas, it becomes possible to visually discover You. Ammonia water, put on poly jug, it would be good to try sprinkling in the vicinity of the location where leakage is suspected.
2. Notes on work
Let's always work to wear a gas mask filled with adsorbent such as activated carbon. As a manufacturer, Ltd. Shigematsuseisakusho It is famous.
3. Injury time measures
Move the injured person to a well-ventilated place, let's subjected to the treatment of the doctor as soon as possible. It can cause a pulmonary edema from the rare post-injury time passed, so some people over to respiratory It is also necessary that do not hit the work.

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